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Explore the clubs that are part of our NFT Sports community. Click on a club to learn more about their unique NFT offerings and player profiles.

  1. Carlton Rovers FC
  2. Connells Point Rovers FC
  3. Dolls Point FC
  4. Forest Rangers FC
  5. Hurstville Glory FC
  6. Hurstville ZFC
  7. Hurstville City Minotaurs
  8. Kogarah Waratah FC
  9. Lugarno FC
  10. Oatley FC
  11. Peakhurst United FC
  12. Penshurst West FC
  13. Ramsgate RSL FC
  14. Rockdale City Raiders FC
  15. Sans Souci FC
  16. Scots FC
  17. All Saints Oatley West FC
  18. Arncliffe Aurora FC
  19. Banksia Tigers FC
  20. Rockdale City Suns FC
  21. Bexley North FC
  22. Kogarah Rovers FC

Club Pages (for each of the 22 clubs)

Club Overview

Each club page provides a brief history and mission of the club, highlighting key achievements and community involvement. This section sets the context for the club’s presence and importance in the local soccer scene.

NFT Offerings (specific to each club)

  • Player Cards: Unique digital cards featuring player stats, photos, and career highlights.
  • Match Highlights: Video clips of memorable moments, such as winning goals or spectacular saves.
  • Digital Autographs: Autographed digital memorabilia from players and coaches.
  • Exclusive Content: Behind-the-scenes footage, training sessions, and personal messages from players.

Testimonials from Club Members

Quotes and testimonials from club members, players, and parents about their experience with NFTs and how it has benefited the club. This section adds credibility and personal stories to the club’s NFT initiative.

Contact Information

Provide the club’s contact details, including email, phone number, and links to the club’s website and social media profiles. This makes it easy for fans and supporters to get in touch or follow the club’s activities.

Player Profiles

List of Players with Links to Individual Profiles

Each player in the club has a dedicated profile page. The list provides quick access to these profiles, helping fans find and learn more about their favorite players.

Example Club Page Layout

1. Carlton Rovers FC

Club Overview: Carlton Rovers FC has been a cornerstone of the local soccer community for over 20 years. With a strong focus on youth development and community engagement, the club has consistently produced talented players and memorable moments on the field.

NFT Offerings:

  • Player Cards: Collect unique digital cards of Carlton Rovers FC players, showcasing their stats and achievements.
  • Match Highlights: Relive the best moments from Carlton Rovers FC matches through exclusive video clips.
  • Digital Autographs: Own a piece of digital memorabilia with autographs from your favorite players.
  • Exclusive Content: Access behind-the-scenes footage and training sessions of Carlton Rovers FC.

Testimonials from Club Members: “NFTs have provided our club with new fundraising opportunities and created a stronger bond with our supporters.” – Club President

Contact Information:

Player Profiles:

Example Player Profile Layout

Player Profile: John Smith


Bio: John Smith is a talented midfielder known for his agility and strategic play. Joining Carlton Rovers FC at the age of 10, John has become a key player, leading the team to several victories.

Interview Video:

Highlights and Achievements:

  • MVP of the Season (2023)
  • Top Scorer in Local League (2022)
  • Led the team to Championship Victory (2021)


  • Nike: Providing high-quality sportswear and equipment.
  • Local Pizza Co.: Proud sponsor of John Smith and Carlton Rovers FC.

NFT Offerings:

  • Digital Player Card: Own a unique digital card featuring John Smith’s stats and career highlights.
  • Highlight Videos: Exclusive video clips of John Smith’s best moments on the field.
  • Autographed Digital Items: Get a digitally autographed memorabilia from John Smith.