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Individual Player Pages

Each player will have a dedicated page that provides comprehensive information and showcases their unique contributions to the club. Below is the structure for an individual player profile page.

1. Player Photo

  • High-quality image of the player.
  • A prominent placement at the top of the page to ensure immediate recognition.

2. Bio

  • Name: Full name of the player.
  • Position: Position played on the field.
  • Age: Player’s age.
  • Background: Brief history and background information, including how the player started with the club, key milestones in their career, and personal anecdotes.

3. Interview Video

  • Embedded video of a personal interview with the player.
  • The interview can cover topics such as the player’s journey, goals, memorable moments, and personal interests.

4. Highlights and Achievements

  • Career Highlights: Key achievements and memorable moments in the player’s career, including awards, notable performances, and statistics.
  • Season Highlights: Specific achievements from the current or most recent season.

5. Sponsors

  • Main Sponsors: Logos and short descriptions of the player’s main sponsors.
  • Additional Sponsors: Any additional sponsors supporting the player.
  • Sponsor Links: Links to sponsor websites for more information.

6. NFT Offerings

  • Digital Player Cards: Unique digital cards featuring the player’s stats, photos, and career highlights.
  • Moments: Video clips of key moments and highlights from the player’s matches.
  • Autographs: Digitally autographed memorabilia from the player.

Example Player Profile Layout

Player Profile: John Smith

Player Photo:


  • Name: John Smith
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Age: 25
  • Background: John Smith joined Carlton Rovers FC at the age of 10 and has become a cornerstone of the team. Known for his agility and strategic play, John has led the team to multiple victories and has been awarded MVP of the season twice.

Interview Video:

Highlights and Achievements:

  • Career Highlights:
    • MVP of the Season (2023, 2022)
    • Top Scorer in Local League (2022)
    • Led the team to Championship Victory (2021)
  • Season Highlights:
    • Scored 10 goals in the current season
    • Assisted in 15 goals
    • Played in all matches without any injuries


NFT Offerings:

  • Digital Player Card:
    • Own a unique digital card featuring John Smith’s stats and career highlights.
    • Buy Now
  • Highlight Videos:
    • Exclusive video clips of John Smith’s best moments on the field.
    • Watch Highlights
  • Autographed Digital Items:
    • Get a digitally autographed memorabilia from John Smith.
    • Get Autograph